In need of a safe specialist?

Lock Genie is primarily a Safe Specialist, having worked at 3 well known safe manufacturing companies as a service technician. Currently Lock Genie sub-contracts his expertise to many of the Locksmith companies in Durban and surrounding areas when it comes to all things Safe related.

Lock Genie opens up and makes keys for safes of category 1 – 5. Safe categories are ranked according to Insurance Company requirements.

Lock Genie also modifies safes to adapt to newer technologies, such as the fitting of time delay mechanism.

The old safes’ lock & key systems can also be opened, locks changed & keys made. 

We can also repair and service all safes, strong room and record room doors.

Lock Genie is also a proud provider of SABS approved Badger Safes.

Below are some examples of the safes available from Badger.


In need of a Locksmith?

Lock Genie locksmithing services can attend to all your home, business, office, industry or warehouse requirements.


We can assist with lock opening, replacement, key cutting, cupboard and draw lock maintenance.

Lock Genie provides a professional tailor made customer service for you specific needs, to ensure you have the most secure, reliable and cost effective security.


Lock Genie offer a full range of locksmith services for businesses and offices. Additionally, we can assist with streamlining your security by installing master key systems, keyed alike locking systems, access control and door closers, according to your requirements.

Securing your business premises is vital to the success of the day to day operations, monthly performance and the annual bottom line. Ensure that an annual risk assessment is undertaken to evaluate the effectiveness of your current security measures on the business perimeter, business access and internally.


Lock Genie has experience in developing and finalising requirements for the industrial and warehousing fields.

This includes installation of master key and keyed alike locking systems and emergency access door security.


In need of a Locksmith for your car?

Lock Genie can assist with the opening of vehicles, big and small; making keys and replacing locks.

We can replace automotive ignition housings, door locks, repairs to motorcycle ignitions & petrol caps.

Cloning of transponder keys and transponder technology.